Interview: Jammer’s Waffle House

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We asked Jammer’s Waffle House some questions and this is what they had to say! The local Mississauga band is composed of Matt Hinojosa (lead vocals/guitar), Eve Weiss (keyboard), David Lopez (bass), and Caymen Vieira (drums). Recently releasing their new album ‘All At Once’ including tracks Astrid and I Wrote You A Letter. JWH is a indie rock band that manages to draw other genres into every song, giving listeners a taste of something new. The new tracks give off a jazzy vibe and will definitely get your feet moving!

You can check out the new album here and our interview with the band below!

What were your influences when you started writing songs?

Matt: I grew up listening to all kinds of music thanks to my folks and their giant CD/tape collection! But if I have narrow it down I was really into the Beatles and the Barenaked…

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